Death Perceptions was an art exhibition held at the Wellington County Museum in the fall of 2016. It consisted of 130 art pieces, by 98 artists, around issues of death, grief, and loss and also included memorials to loved ones who had died. In this way, it was also an act of love and healing for many of those involved.

The art works, all of which are captured in this beautiful book, include shadow boxes and shrines, cremation urns, paintings, and works in encaustic, glass, collage, and some three-dimensional installations.

The concept for Death Perceptions arose from the previous success of the Elora Tarot Project, an unprecedented collaboration by 65 local artists to create a tarot deck. There was an exhibition of the original artwork at the Wellington County Museum and the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.

Elora is a very special place. It sits at the convergence of two rivers, which have carved a deep gorge that meanders through the village. All of this natural beauty attracts an unusually large number of artists, musicians, writers, and creative minds. It is the perfect place to launch an idea.